Celebrating Veterinary Technicians

By MWI Animal Health |

National Veterinary Technician week will be celebrated October 14-20 this year. 

The role of the veterinary technician is critical to the success of veterinary hospitals, with their warmth and compassion, selfless dedication and expertise. While veterinary technicians are valued every day, National Veterinary Technician week is the time to sing their praises! Here are just a few reasons why vet techs deserve a whole week of gratitude and appreciation.

  • Vet techs are at the backbone of the veterinary practice. They are nurses, surgical assistants (restraining even the most fractious of pets), janitors (cleaning all manner of yuck out of cages, off floors and from exam rooms), dental hygienists, x-ray takers, phlebotomists (attempting to draw blood on furry, moving targets), pharmacists, educators, grief counselors (probably one of the hardest aspects of the job) and sometimes receptionists. They are often the first and last point of contact with clients, building trust and long-term relationships, which helps to increase the overall revenue of the practice.
  • They go above and beyond. Vet techs are experts in TLC. They snuggle and comfort patients who may be nervous, ill or recovering from surgery. They work long shifts (sometimes with no breaks) and often leave the hospital having been vomited, peed, pooped or worse on. And they come back the next day, ready to do it all over again for the love of their patients.
  • They are not in it for the money. Vet techs love their profession and the animals that they serve and certainly don’t make the money they deserve. This can be a dangerous job; vet techs have their scars (and flaunt them) to prove it!
  • Vet techs truly love their patients. They willingly advocate for their patients and are committed to providing the best care possible. They want to make a difference in the lives of animals.

Veterinary technicians are the glue that holds a veterinary practice together with their big hearts and unwavering commitment. While just a week could never be enough, let’s take advantage of this opportunity to recognize their dedication and say thank you for all that our vet techs do!