Holding Open the Space for 2021

By Kelly Baltzell

How do you want to market?

Much of this last year was out of our control and not by our choice. We were like a ship on a tumultuous river peppered with hidden rocks and sudden, plummeting cliffs. Hospitals held on with a white-knuckled grip to the sides of their vessels, exhausted, and looking for the end of this havoc-filled passage. We’re coming into 2021, drenched, bedraggled, but living and surviving. The question is: “Now what?”

Remember in past articles when we discussed that every piece of marketing is communication and every piece of communication is marketing? Taking a moment to make a decision, a choice of what that message might be, is vital.

Hold open the space for a moment to give you a second to breathe. In this space, you can ask:

  • For the greatest good to come to your hospital from all the messages you create every minute of the day
  • That the right mindset will appear and give a glimpse and a glimmer of future marketing/communication endeavors
  • For knowledge that the right person/partner will emerge to help steer your ship to a calmer passage through 2021

“Hooey,” you say? Nope, it really works. How can anything be created without a concept and allowance? Can a house be built without drafting sheets and plans? If it was, I wouldn’t want to live in it for fear it would be disastrous for my health.

Within this space of allowance, it is also time to ask for help. Since the eye-popping events of 2020 didn’t magically end with a flip of a switch, it is time to get assistance, at least in the area of your marketing/communication. Why? Because most likely you and your team have run out of time to contemplate the “now what?” for messaging and communicating that will ease your passage into this next year on a consistent week-to-week basis.

Here are some questions to ask yourself/your team:

  1. When is the last time anyone in the practice had time to think about needs for 2021, versus just reacting to what is in front of you?
  2. What are the pain points in the hospital right now? Are there clients who could use consistent messaging to understand your processes? Are there specific services that need to be seen more or seen less? Is clarity needed for wellness visits? Do you have any new services, like telemedicine?
  3. Who is implementing any consistent messaging on all marketing platforms? Who is engaging with clients on these areas now and on an ongoing basis? 

If you decide to do marketing in-house because you have a person who can manage it on a daily basis, here are some suggestions:

  1. Create the next quarter’s goals through the end of March—no more than three. For example, focus on dental month in February with a set goal, like a 25% increase in dentals in February and March.
  2. Hammer out the budget needed to implement the goals, with advertising on the platform that makes the most sense for your messaging. Remember, matching the message to the platform is essential in order to reach the greatest audience that will convert. (If I lost you here, it is time to think about partnering with a marketing agency!)
  3. Create collateral that is appropriate for each platform, that can be A/B tested, and has consistent messaging—think  like McDonalds. Everywhere you see communication/marketing from McDonalds, it is the same message, even if it is delivered in various ways. 

If you are exhausted and done trying to market on your own, give us a call. Beyond Indigo is here to help you and your business through these changing times. Our full-service marketing packages make it easy for you to maintain a relationship with your current clients and reach out to new clients so you can grow. They adjust as your goals shift, which allows you to see results and not to-do lists. We are here to help whether you are open, reopening, or adjusting to the new normal. Call 877. 244.9322 x. 100, or go to beyondindigopets.com/contact.

Plus, I have a daily Facebook Live show at noon Central for 15 minutes. We already have 100+ shows which you can view on YouTube. Featured, are hospitals, industry experts, and Beyond Indigo team members. The focus is content that applies to hospitals at the moment to help them adapt to the changes occurring. To see the current week's schedule, go to beyondindigopets.com and look halfway down.

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