Happy Holidays! Last Minute Marketing Ideas

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Holidays typically require careful planning in a marketing program. For retail stores, the December holidays are finalized in June. Being a service-providing business gives a bit more leeway, but the winter holidays should still be planned out by the end of October. Now, it is December. What can a veterinary hospital do for last-minute marketing? Remember, you really only have a few short weeks to market to your pet owners. It helps to make some quick, manageable goals. 

Set your goals

When making goals, it is important to ask the right questions and gather the data. For example, if you are a practice that offers boarding, is your boarding booked for the holidays or do you have a few more spaces left? Do you have services and products that would be great holiday gifts for people? It might be a goal to have your current and future pet owners come in for a gift certificate for one of the services offered, or to buy a gift for Fluffy. Pick one to three goals that are realistic. Also, at this time it is important to start focusing on January and February goals as well (see below). December is the time when a few mentions that Pet Dental Month is coming up should happen. The two can even be tied together with “Buy a Gift Certificate for Dental Month” this holiday season.

Allot a budget

Marketing requires time and money. Once the goals are established, take a moment to allot a budget of time and cash to a holiday marketing program. Who will be managing the marketing holiday push? Make sure that person has time carved out of their schedule. What is the budget? Typically, Facebook Ads can be done for $20 to $30 and Google Ads are from $100 to $300. Newsletters tend to cost very little, depending on the software program. A few hours will be needed to create, post and monitor ads. Remember, marketing costs money but it should bring tails through the door that generate revenue.

"After the holiday marketing has been set, sharpen that pencil and make three goals for your marketing plan that will take you through March."

Implement your plan

With goals in hand, as well as a budget, the next step is to look at a calendar and see how many days are left before the hospital is closed (if you close). Then, look at the implementation of how the marketing will be broadcast, and to whom. Using the boarding example, knowing the number of openings left on the schedule is key, and a list of up-to-date boarding families is crucial. Both can be found in the hospital’s software system. Short Ad bursts on Facebook and Google should happen as well as a newsletter blast out to the list of these boarding families. After the ads are run, a review of the number of boarding spaces left open should be performed. Still have openings? Run another ad to remind people that there are only X number of spaces left. If your practice is open on the 24th and wants to handle last-minute shoppers, a marketing campaign to push gift certificates might be an option. Again, sending the message out on Facebook and Google are good last-minute marketing areas.

Don’t forget January and February

What!?! Yep, time to talk January and February for marketing, as well as last-minute holiday marketing. After the holiday marketing has been set, sharpen that pencil and make three goals for your marketing plan that will take you through March. This would include dental month, if this is a focus. The goals should include an idea of a measurement of success as well. For example, how many dentals does the hospital do on average? Did the marketing that was conducted bring in more dentals above the average? If flea and tick prevention is a must for pet owners in your area, time to start weaving those concepts into the marketing of the practice in January or February, depending on the climate zone. At the end of December, ads for January goals should start to run, posts on Facebook discussing them need to occur, and January’s blog piece should be finalized. 

Ready to start focusing on 2019? It is time. Give us a call and we will focus on your goals and sending tails through your doors. Beyond Indigo has been conducting internet marketing for 21 years. Our CEO and COO have each been working in marketing online for 23 years, so our team knows the old and the new, as well as how to generate revenue. We focus on results first and discuss costs second. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the changing online environment, such as ADA compliance. Plus, we are Google Ads Partners, and we know how to build Google mobile-friendly and fast websites. Need help creating a marketing plan? Call 877.244.9322, ext. 100, or go to https://www.beyondindigopets.com/contact/.

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