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See yourself in a new reality

How the MWI Easy Care Program benefits front office staff

See how implementing Easy Care in your practice can change your mindset about offering preventive care plans to your clients.
woman working at the front desk

Go from...

"I love greeting the pets and knowing that I’m part of a team that is providing great care. What I don’t want to do is ‘sell stuff’. And, who has the time any way?"


"I love that clients come into their appointments already knowing about the costs of caring for a pet and knowing about our pet plans. All I must do is ask if they have any questions, but the hard part has already been done."

And from...

"When I can see that a client is having to pick and choose what they can do based on what they can afford, I get very uncomfortable. And, quite honestly, I get it. Paying for my own healthcare is expensive, on top of my other bills, and maybe this is something that can be put off a bit?"


"No more awkward silence when I ask if they want to us order their parasitic preventatives. Now I get to say, “That’s included!”"

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A new reality for your clients and patients

Extending the benefits of Easy Care beyond the walls of your practice

See how your clients and patients benefit from Easy Care by receiving a higher and more consistent level of care.

Make life easier for you, your clients, and your patients

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Turn your concerns into confidence

Let us show you how Easy Care can make life easier for you, your clients, and your patients