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How the MWI Easy Care Program benefits practice managers

See how implementing Easy Care in your practice can change your mindset about offering preventive care plans to your clients.
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"I know it’s important for our clinic to meet client expectations for affordability, especially for our millennial clients that are very comfortable with the subscription economy. But my team, particularly my newer staff members, aren’t always comfortable talking about financial options with clients."


"By the time our clients come in for their appointments, they have already heard about our plans and are ready to enroll. In fact, all we have to ask is “did you have a chance to look over our payment plans?” to remind the client to enroll."

And from...

"Time is a very scarce resource around this busy office. Adding another service sure feels like it will inevitably add work to our plates."


"I used to spend 10 minutes getting outside requests for scripts signed by our Docs. Now, we spend 2 minutes enrolling a pet on plan and we eliminate the need for script requests for that patient. And the reporting that tracks client usage and DVM production has improved my paperwork processes as well."

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A new reality for your clients and patients

Extending the benefits of Easy Care beyond the walls of your practice

See how your clients and patients benefit from Easy Care by receiving a higher and more consistent level of care.

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