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Stem cell banking from reproductive tissue at the spay/neuter

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The future is bright

Gallant offers cutting-edge regenerative medicine solutions and has pioneered an affordable and non-invasive method for stem cell banking by isolating the cells from tissue normally discarded during a spay or neuter. No need for an additional procedure.

Gallant turns your spay and neuter services into so much more by generating revenue for your practice. And you could be supporting your patients later in life because these personalized and powerful cells could potentially be used to treat a variety of illnesses, injuries and ailments.

Why it's best to bank

1. A simple choice now is best for the future.

Research shows stem cells decline dramatically in quality and quantity over time. That’s why over 5 million parents have banked their children’s stem cells at birth.

2. You're seizing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Gallant’s proprietary process turns a spay or neuter procedure into a once-in-alifetime opportunity to save young healthy stem cells for use in later years.

3. Avoid invasive procedures.

Autologous therapies in pets today are derived from bone marrow or adipose tissue–this means putting an elderly and/or ailing dog under anesthesia for an invasive procedure.

4. The field is rapidly evolving.

By introducing Gallant into your practice, you’ll be at the forefront of the most exciting field in veterinary medicine.

We'll help you market this new service to your clients

You can offer AND easily market this innovative service to your clients. Automated marketing campaigns, powered by AllyDVM, communicate your Gallant service offering to your clients, giving your staff more time to care for patients.
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Let's get started

The first 100 clinics get a free collection kit

We'll send you a collection kit, for free*, while supplies last.
*Free kit offer available while supplies last. Only one free kit per practice.

How to get started

  1. Order your Gallant stem cell collection kit.
  2. Attend your onboarding education meeting with Gallant
  3. Enroll in the automated marketing campaigns, powered by AllyDVM, to drive interest in Gallant among your clients.
    Use referral code: gallant

Add a new revenue stream to your practice

Turn your spay and neuter services into so much more.

Increase revenue in the future by using the banked stem cells to administer life-changing treatments to your patients.

Gallant will pay you $100 for every procedure.

Plus, you'll be able to increase revenue in the future by using the banked stem cells to administer life-changing treatments to your patients.

Partner with Gallant and AllyDVM

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Equip your practice

With hands-on guidance, Gallant assists in the setup and implementation for your practice at no cost. Pet parents will choose a banking plan through Gallant.


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Automate your marketing of Gallant to clients

Take advantage of automated Gallant marketing campaigns from AllyDVM to drive awareness and revenue for your practice.


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Gallant covers the courier and logistics processes

Gallant handles all courier pickups, drop-offs, and timing logistics so you can focus on giving your patients top-level service. Plus, you and your clients will remain notified throughout the process.


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Get ongoing support and training

We want to grow together. As your practice grows, Gallant will always provide up-to-date information and training in applications that work best for you and your staff. Your dedicated veterinarian liaison is always available for support.

Ready to provide life-changing stem cell treatments and take advantage of free turn-key campaigns to market this innovative service to your customers?

Contact your MWI sales representative to see how Gallant can help you provide the best care for your clients and patients.
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