Two-Way Texting

ALLYDVM is offering Two-Way Texting — a $37/month value — for free through June 30, 2020.

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Need a safer way to communicate with your clients? We've got you covered.

ALLYDVM logoWe are committed to supporting you during these uncertain times by helping enable safe, effective communication between your practice and your clients — so you can continue to ensure the health of their pets.

Now Offering FREE Two-Way Texting

Since early March, in response to the emerging COVID-19 crisis, we have been offering the ALLYDVM Two-Way Texting capabilities for FREE through June 30, 2020 — for both new and existing ALLYDVM users.

Man's hands holding a phone, exchanging text messages with his veterinarian

Features and Benefits

  • Communicate remotely with pet owners while you are conducting an exam via live conversation and photo sharing.
  • Communicate quickly and easily using automated appointment reminders, follow-up notifications, and more
  • Notify clients when products and refills are ready for pick-up
  • Schedule/re-schedule appointments

Getting Started

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ALLYDVM Two-Way Texting Training Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar to get a better understanding of the Two-Way Texting feature and how to take advantage of this way of communicating with your clients in our new reality.

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