CSOS renewal

Renewing an expired certificate

What to know about the renewal process

  • When your paper DEA certificate expires, so does your digital certificate and there is a separate process for renewing the digital certificate. 

  • Forty-five days prior to expiration of your digital certificate, the DEA will email the certificate holder (either the Doctor or the Power of Attorney) with digital certificate renewal instructions. If you do not understand these instructions, you will need to contact the DEA to renew, which can sometimes be facilitated by phone.

  • Renewal usually takes 5-7 business days, and you will receive another email and postal document to download the new certificate to your computer. 

  • Digital certificates may be renewed electronically up to two times. After two renewals, the applicant must submit a new application (i.e. initial enrollment process). Certificate revocations (replacing lost certificates) count toward the two renewal allowance. 
  • Once you have the new digital certificate, the certificate holder (either the Doctor or the Power of Attorney) will need to call MWI so that we can update the digital certificate within the Express222 website as Express222 will not automatically recognize the new certificate.