How We Work

We're a part of your team

We’re here to act as another member of your team, growing and evolving along with your business and its changing needs. In addition to your Inside Sales Representative and access to an array of specialists, you’ll also be paired with one of our 400+ Territory Managers who are there to offer local support and resources. Together we’ll be able to help meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Inside Sales Representatives

Inside Sales Representatives talk to their customers frequently, oftentimes daily or several times throughout the day, to ensure you receive the immediate support you need. They research products, place orders and help you make the most of available promotions. In tandem with their Territory Manager, they set common goals for growing your business.

Territory Managers

Your Territory Manager will check in with your business routinely to help ensure your future success by presenting new products and services, and creating plans to drive growth in target areas. And when your needs call for in-depth expertise in capital equipment, financing or livestock management protocols, they will communicate your needs to our specialist teams creating a robust team of contributors, all focused on your business and your success.
Simply put, our Inside Sales Representatives are here to work IN your business while our Territory Managers are working with you ON your business. 


Our specialists are here to help

Equipment Consultants

With so many products to choose from, you can rely on our equipment consultants to recommend the right capital equipment for your business. They know each product inside and out, and can match you with the right investment for your business based specifically on your unique needs and pricing options.

Specialty Sales Representatives

If your business needs help with implementing new technology products, our specialty sales representatives are here to help. Whether it be using a new tech product or maximizing our online store functionality, you can rely on our team to help you make the most of the available technology. 

Technical Services

Our technical services team is a group of highly-trained specialists who are experts in water quality, integrated pest management, bio-security, and more. They are available to perform tests and offer expert consultation to ensure the health of your animals and the productivity of your day-to-day operation.

Orthopedic Specialists

Our team of orthopedic specialists, through our sister company Securos Surgical, researches and develops cutting edge technologies, and provides you with the educational resources to use them with ease. They also provide education around their innovations to ensure you feel fully confident using each of their products.

Our online store

We understand that business hours aren’t the only time you’re doing business. That’s why our online store has been designed to guarantee quick and easy ordering and provide the support tools you need to work efficiently, without waiting until the next business day.