Compliance Solutions

Do retention, compliance and revenue challenges keep you up at night? MWI can help!

We know that client compliance is one of the biggest challenges that veterinary practices face. That's why we've developed a dedicated suite of solutions specifically geared toward helping you communicate and market your products and services to your clients, thereby driving compliance, retention and revenue.

Compliance Solutions by MWI help drive increased client retention, compliance and practice revenue. By combining technology solutions that power digital marketing for product, services and preventative care plans, our solutions will help you sleep better.

Proactive veterinary practices understand the value that comes from leveraging targeted digital communication to generate success. Just take a look at the results our participating veterinary practices have realized when leveraging digital marketing and targeted communications.


Doses per pet increase (average)


Doses per pet increase (average)

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Learn how MWI’s Compliance Solutions can help your practice create revenue generating opportunities to drive better patient health and practice success.

Make your client communications matter.

Do your client communications contain targeted information valuable to the intended recipient? AllyDVM can help!

With the ability to filter on species, disease, procedure, etc. your communications will reach the right client, for the right pet, for the right service.

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Customize and automate your client communications to keep your clients coming back. Manage and automate your communication strategy across all channels, including physical postcard, email and mobile (including two-way text messaging) from a single control center.

Drive motivation, action and compliance to drive revenue growth for your practice.

Boost client compliance this flea, tick and heartworm season and keep those dollars in your clinic.

Synergy Partner Program

Targeted marketing. Meaningful results.

In today's environment your team has no free time to spare. Yet, as we enter flea, tick and heartworm season it's important to use every marketing tool at your disposal to ensure clients comply with parasitic prevention recommendations. 

Imagine leveraging technology (instead of your team's time) to enable targeted email campaigns to increase patient visits and grow revenue. Powered by the technology of AllyDVM, the Synergy Partner Program does just that. And we have the numbers to prove it.

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Results that speak for themselves

Program timeframe: June 2019 – December 2019 (on average) and June 2020 – December 2020 (on average)


Doses per pet increase (average)


Doses dispensed increase (average)


Overall practice revenue increase (average)


Practice-level product revenue increase (average)

Ease the financial burden of pet care on your clients with affordable care plans.

MWI Easy Care Program

Offer customizable and affordable preventive care plans

Provide your clients with preventive care plans that address their desire to spread the cost of care across affordable monthly payments, without the burden of clinic plan administration and marketing.

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Real results for your practice

Stronger client bond


increase in hospital visits

  • Average increase in hospital visits was 5–7 visits per year

Better patient outcomes


additional preventative doses per year

  • Almost 3X growth in flea, tick, heartworm doses per pet

Increased client spend


of total spend consisted of items not included in care plans, such as diagnostics, surgical procedures, products, services, etc.

  • 76% increase in existing client spend
    • Existing client spend pre-plan: $653/year
    • Existing client spend on plan: $1,153/year
  • New clients joining a plan average an additional $799 in annual spend with the majority of the incremental revenue coming from purchases of products not included in the plan