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Equipment health solution

Preventative care and repair for your veterinary equipment
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Enhancing pet health and practice prosperity

We understand the critical role that equipment plays in delivering quality care. Unplanned equipment downtime can disrupt workflows, increase costs, and impact patient care. With our equipment health solution, we aim to power your hospital with proactive maintenance strategies and priority repair service to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Saving you time, protecting your cash flow, and improving patient care.

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Key features and benefits

Prevention is better than cure

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We all know that well-maintained equipment is less likely to break unexpectedly and lasts longer.

  • All your equipment is tagged, tracked, and visible in one online dashboard, ensuring their location and status are known.
  • Our software tracks in-house and external maintenance recommendations for each item and alerts staff accordingly, eliminating the need to remember due dates and reducing the risk of missing maintenance tasks.
  • Completion of maintenance is logged in the online dashboard for easy reference and reporting.
  • Our partner provides a specific quote for an annual maintenance package covering all serviceable items.
female doctor going over financials on computer
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Speedy repairs

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Get your equipment (and your team) working again as fast as possible.

  • No time lost trying to find an engineer or remember where you purchased the equipment from. As an equipment health solution customer, we will look after all your capital equipment.*
  • As an equipment health solution customer, you get priority access to a network of knowledgeable virtual and on-site repair technicians when you need it most!
  • Need to order a consumable or replacement part for your equipment? The online dashboard will direct you to the right part the first time.
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Can you answer the following for each piece of equipment in your practice?

Where is it stored?
Who do you contact for support?


What is the repair history?
Who did you buy it from and what is the warranty information?
Do you have a service contract and if so with who?
What are the manufacturer recommendations for maintenance?


Comprehensive solutions that work for you

“EHS and MWI have the equipment solution I have been looking for throughout my 35 years in the profession. With their help we can seamlessly deliver care to our patients with little to no downtime due to equipment failures while taking a huge burden from our care team. I am looking forward to our equipment lasting longer and the care team learning how to better care for it. I have been exceptionally impressed with the level of service that EHS and MWI's partnership has delivered during the setup and implementation phases of this project. The program is very customizable and their expert guidance and review of the options available has allowed us to set it up to serve our exact needs. Thank you MWI for bringing this solution to the market!”

Christine Kjeel, Associate Director, Financial Operations at Modern Animal


Take control of your equipment's well-being today!

Keeping your equipment healthy, always ready to care

To learn more about how MWI’s equipment health solution can benefit your veterinary hospital, contact your MWI sales representative or complete our short form.
*We will cover all equipment agreed on your equipment health solution service plan.