One Health

Creating healthier futures

The health of animals and humans are intrinsically linked. Whether it be the mental health benefits we receive from our pets and horses or the physical and nutritional benefits we gain from production animals, we depend on animals to live the way we do today. That’s why we are invested in the future of healthcare for companion and production animals, and united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.

Mark Shaw, President, Animal health

Together, we are at the center of creating healthier futures in both the companion and production animal spaces. And we are doing so for the health of animals and the health of humans. That’s what we mean by "One Health" at MWI.

Feeding a growing global population

As the world's population grows, we’re challenged to produce more and higher-quality protein than ever before. To do so requires access to increasingly advanced management systems, biosecurity protocols and preventive healthcare products and practices. That’s why our fully compliant AnimalRx pharmacies facilitate the proper handling, labeling and chain of custody associated with prescribed drugs for livestock, while our Ph.D-credentialed technical services team offers valuable expertise in integrated pest management, water quality and biosecurity. Precision animal management technologies, developed by our sister company Micro Technologies, are also becoming increasingly important. We’re dedicated to working together across the many areas of our industry to maximize resources and create healthier futures.

Supporting the human-animal bond

More than half of the households in the United States include a companion animal. And as pet ownership continues to increase, so does the need for veterinary services and products to keep pets happy and healthy. We serve as one of the largest animal health distributors in the United States, enabling access to increasingly sophisticated and innovative drugs that are helping pets live longer and healthier lives. We are proud to support those in our industry that support the health of companion animals through education and initiatives. We have supported the AAHA organization through our AAHA MARKETLink partnership since 1996 and are a founding member of the Partners for Healthier Pets organization.