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Synergy Partner Program

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Targeted programs, meaningful results

At MWI we are laser focused on helping you build veterinary wellness and practice success. 

We know you’re busy and we also know that client compliance is one of the biggest challenges that veterinary practices face.

That's why we've developed a program specifically geared towards helping you easily communicate and market your products and services direct to your clients thereby driving compliance, retention and revenue.

The Synergy Partner Program is a valuable portfolio of targeted digital email campaigns. These turn-key campaigns feature core products, like parasiticides and vaccines, from our key manufacturer partners, to help support ongoing pet health and help drive meaningful results.

The best part?
The Synergy Partner Program comes at no cost to your practice and is accomplished with little to no effort from you and your staff *

*$3,000 value per practice location
Grow your practice's revenue
Communicate to the right household at the right time
Maximize client compliance and increase healthy outcomes

See the latest Synergy Partner Program results for yourself

Proactive veterinary practices understand the value that comes from leveraging technology to enable targeted digital communications to increase patient visits and grow revenue.

Our data shows the impactful revenue gain and increase in compliance on average within the practices that participated in the Synergy program.

2021 Synergy Partner Program overall results - Vaccines


Pet increase (average)


Doses dispensed increase (average)


Overall practice revenue increase (average)

2021 Synergy Partner Program overall results - Parasiticides


Pet increase (average)


Doses dispensed increase (average)


Overall practice revenue increase (average)

Key differentiators of the Synergy Partner Program

The Synergy program easily integrates into your PIMS ensuring that the program’s digital marketing campaigns reach the right client with the right message at the right time. This helps unlock your practice’s potential to create new revenue opportunities within your own client base
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Practice level impact results

The Synergy program also includes a powerful analytics engine, Synergy Intelligence, which provides you real-time results for your Synergy program campaigns. Through reports and analytics, you have visibility into the positive impact Synergy programs can have for your practice AND visibility to additional opportunities to increase revenue, such as other pets living in the same household that are behind on vaccines or other services.

Build veterinary wellness

Want to learn more about the program?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Synergy Partner Program, contact your MWI sales representative or scroll down and complete the form below.

Want to learn more about our partners and enroll?

To learn more about the participating manufacturers and to enroll in the Synergy Partner Program, click on your preferred partner link below.

How to put this program to work in your practice

  1. Work with your MWI representative to choose the manufacturer program that will best fit with your practice offerings.
  2. With the help of your sales representative, enroll in the program.
  3. Inform all customer-facing staff of the campaign for both your practice and your clients.

Learn more about the Synergy Partner Program

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