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A New Generation of Dental Super Treats for Dogs

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A new generation of dental super treats for dogs

 Five 12-ounce packages of Yummy Combs Dental Treats    

Cleaning your dog’s teeth has never been easier or more nutritious. Yummy Combs® dog treats work like dental floss for a more complete cleaning than other dental doggie snacks. With 44% high-quality protein and 12 other wellness ingredients packed into a highly functional shape, you can feel good about giving this treat to your dog every day. Best of all, dogs love the taste! And they come individually wrapped.

Shape makes the difference.

Yummy Combs' honeycomb-like shape is specifically designed to floss and scrub teeth.

Treat PNG 
  • Hexagonal design surrounds teeth, flosses and cleans to the gum line
  • Removes plaque, tartar and mouth odor
  • Highest surface area to volume ratio = the most cleaning power
  • Rigid, thin walls scrub and clean teeth while promoting absorption of valuable nutrients
  • Wide, thin patented design deters gulping
  • Super-slick texture prevents blockages due to patented ingredient, Slick'M™

Improving dental health, one step at a time.

Stages of Periodontal Disease treatment with Yummy Combs dental treats

Start your doggie dental home-care plan today. Five sizes of treats designed to deter gulping. Always feed the proper size treat for your dog's recommended weight classification.

Why Yummy Combs® is different

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Discover for yourself the difference that Yummy Combs® can make in your pet patients' dental health.

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