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July 20, 2022

New packaging features MWI branding; commitment to sustainability

MWI Animal Health recently released new packaging for customer orders that will be implemented at all Animal Health distribution centers this summer. The new packaging features not just a branded look, but those boxes packed by our auto-packers will highlight our company’s sustainability efforts.

Boxes will now be secured with white tape featuring the MWI logo. This tape will be used on hand-taped boxes as well as all machine tapes, including the auto packer machine. These design changes bring a refreshed presentation to our customers and let them know we are hearing their feedback and responding.

One example of how these design changes will benefit our customers is that, by using branded tape, we will help customers identify if an order has been repackaged before delivery. Sometimes, if a logistics partner accidentally opens a carton in transit, they must repackage the contents and re-secure them before delivery. By adding branded tape to our carton presentation, customers and MWI customer experience representatives will now have a new way of helping determine if the package was repackaged outside of MWI warehouses. This small indication does not guarantee that the contents were not affected in transit, but it can help our team work through a concern with customers regarding a recent delivery.

Our team often hears from our customers about how important sustainability is to them to ensure a healthy planet to nurture healthy animals. In the spirit of uniting around our customer, we’re showcasing our sustainability efforts on auto-packer-built boxes that they receive from MWI. Each auto-packer-built box will feature a QR code that links back to, providing more information about our commitment to sustainability and how we are working to reduce our environmental footprint.

MWI Sustainable Packaging with QR Code on box                     MWI Sustainable Packaging with branded tape on box