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Aerosols for biosecurity

By MWI Animal Health

Aerosols are a very convenient, low-water way to apply disinfectant to small, well-ventilated areas. Boot and shoe bottoms are a common target surface, as are fomites (boxes, supplies, equipment) that travel into clean areas from dirty production areas.

The three products mentioned below all contain phenols. The “Best” product contains the highest amount with a 3rd generation quat added. This makes it the “Best” aerosol MWI has to offer for broad and thorough kill of pathogens on highly-variable dirty footwear and other biosecurity sensitive surfaces.

Make sure to consider the amount of disinfectant per can when calculating value to your operation, as these three SKUs have different liquid volumes per spray can. Contact your MWI territory manager for pricing.

Also take a look at Instant Soap and Water; this is an easy product to carry in a service truck to clean hands prior to antiseptic gel. Use at each farm and before disinfecting hands at doors, before entering a work vehicle, and after lunch and breakfast meals in common eating areas (restaurants, cafes) throughout the work day.

Aerosols as rated by MWI Technical Services experts
4 aerosols rated by experts