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Cleaning and fogging cool cells

By MWI Animal Health

Tips and instructions for cleaning and fogging cool cells.
Evaporative cooler

For 2' or 4' fogging pads

  • Wet pad thoroughly using a house washer or water hose
  • Do not use too high of pressure or it will harm the pad
  • Combine 2 gallons of Cool-N-Klean™ with 10 gallons of water into a backpack/pump-up sprayer
  • Spray mixture thoroughly onto entire length of pad and allow to set for 30 minutes
  • Then spray with clear water from top to bottom, removing all mineral deposits and algae
  • To control the growth of algae, add 1–2 ounces of SCI62® once per week, or after each flush of the sump

For 6" recirculating systems

  • Remove screen cartridge from filter
  • Add 1–2 gallons of Cool-N-Klean to system storage tank
  • Turn pump on continuous flow until pad is completely wet
  • Run for at least one hour or until calcium and deposits are broken down
  • Spray Cool-N-Klean inside the pad to remove dust and spider webs
  • Using clear water, rinse pad thoroughly from top to bottom with a hose
  • All mineral deposits and algae should be broken down and removed during this process
  • Be sure not to use too high of pressure (psi) that would damage the pad
  • Then empty the entire contents of the storage tank
  • To control the growth of algae, add 1–2 ounces of SCI-62® to the storage tank at the start of the season and 1–2 ounces once per week during periods of use and after flushing the sump


To extend the longevity and productivity of the pads, these cleaning procedures should be done once in the fall and again in the spring before summer usage.