Controlling Disease-Carrying and Blood-Feeding Flies in Dairy Calf Hutches, Heifer Drylots and Milking Cow Barns

By Mike Catangui, Ph. D

House flies are vectors of microorganisms that can contaminate water, feed and milk, and cause diseases both in dairy cattle and humans. Stable flies are painful biters that feed on the blood of the animals. Constant irritation due to stable fly bites can stunt the growth of calves and significantly reduce milk production of the milking cows. Both fly species can also migrate to nearby residential areas, parks, restaurants, hospitals, schools, child daycare centers and tourist areas. Controlling house flies and stable flies is considered part of a good sanitation and public relations program. 

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Mike Catangui, Ph. D

Entomologist, Parasitologist
MWI Animal Health
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