Field Notes: What to Consider When Considering Water Treatment

By Randy Hales

Water disinfection and sanitation is important all the
way through production.


When used in breeder flocks, it can help prevent transmission of certain bacteria and keep a healthier flock. When added to the water system in hatcheries, it can prevent bacteria in fogger lines, humidity lines, and hoses used to wash down. When used in grow out, it helps prevent rolling challenges of pathogens passed from bird to bird at the drinker line and increases the palatability and, thus, consumption of water which helps with feed conversion.


Water quality

  •  A detailed report of your water is helpful in determining your needs.
  • Your water report should include pH, minerals, hardness, bacteria, and dissolved or suspended solids. Field tests can be performed to help identify other areas of concern.
  • Other items to consider include well treatment, oxidation and filtration.



  • Water line size, maximum flow rate per minute, and the water report will help determine what equipment is needed.
  • The equipment utilized for water treatment requires 120v power. You will need to have electrical outlets close by the system.
  • You can add electric medicators, along with our water treatment system, for more accurate dosing of watersoluble products and less maintenance.



  • MWI Technical Services has installed water treatment systems in over 3,000 houses that range from breeders, pullets, brooding, grow out, and multiplehouse layer operations, and they can help you.
  • Systems can be installed at any time, even when birds are present; however, extra care must be taken when flocks are older and in warmer temperatures.
  • Water treatment systems can be incorporated into drinker systems in many ways, and at different levels. Each farm is different.
  • MWI has vendor partners that can help tailor a water treatment system specifically for your farm and your needs.

Finally, as an industry we should all be striving to improve our performance. Water treatment encompasses everything from well to beak. If you are considering water treatment and have additional questions, contact your local MWI representative and they will be happy to help you answer your questions and give you options or the next steps to help you improve your farm’s performance.