Simple Solutions: Fly Management in Confined Workspaces

By MWI Technical Services

Flies can often be a nuisance in offices, break rooms, lavatories, and locker rooms. They irritate employees and contaminate food and other surfaces. The source of the fly problem is most likely nearby barns or trash bins. Although the flies are originating from other locations, where more stringent control strategies should be focused, some management efforts will temporarily alleviate populations affecting confined workspaces.

  1. Alpine® WSG (Item #63236) (20g/gal of water; 1 gal of solution/1,000 ft2) can be used indoors as a surface spray to walls, ceilings, and floors where flies rest and to cracks and crevices in offices, break rooms, and shower facilities. Once treated surfaces have dried, workers may re-enter the treated area. Retreat indoor surfaces with Alpine® WSG once every 3 months.
  2. PT® Alpine® Pressurized Fly Bait (Item #53425) can be sprayed at a rate of 2 linear feet per second over doorways and in trash bins to attract nearby flies. Reapply whenever reinfestation occurs or when the attractant seems to have worn off or about every 3-4 weeks.
  3. Hang EZ Trap® Fly Traps (Item #52006) close to the ceiling in areas where flies are problematic. Replace traps when sticky surfaces are covered with flies or dust.
  4. If the fly population density has become large enough that it warrants immediate knockdown of the entire population, PT® Pro-Control® Plus Total Release Pressurized Insecticide (Item #61212) can be utilized at the end of the day when all workers are leaving the area. Treat for at least 2 hours. Repeat applications as needed.

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