My Marketing Hurts Me!

By Distinct Advantage Partner

Recently I was talking to a friend (let’s call her Jane) and she told me she hates marketing her business. Being her friend, and an expert in this field, I was intrigued to know more.
Veterinarian petting her client's dog.

I asked Jane to tell me about her experience. The conversation went something like this:

Jane: It (marketing) hurts me.

Me: Huh?

Jane: To start with, I despise my marketing person.

Me: Well, that is problem number one with your marketing person. If you do not like him, then how can you engage with your marketing program? What else is a pain point with your marketing?

Jane: I don’t understand why all of a sudden I have to pay more money for something called an SSL.

Me: Did you ask your marketing person to explain this to you?

Jane: No, I don’t like to talk to him.

Me: Well, then you’re backsliding in your marketing efforts. An SSL makes your website secure. You can tell by the little tiny lock icon at the top of the website page. Look at where you type in a search query or the website domain is shown.

Jane: Why does having this little lock icon cost me an extra $200 a year?

Me: Some hosting companies charge extra to provide this additional level of security through what is called a certificate. Sometimes it is included in the cost of hosting. Many companies, like Beyond Indigo, include this as part of our service fee.

Jane: Well, I also hate my website.

Me: Then why don’t you change it?

Jane: I don’t like my marketing guy and I’d rather get a root canal then go through the process of building a new one.

Me: It really doesn’t have to be that painful. There are ways to reduce the pain. But, if you don’t like your website person, what have you been doing to maintain your website?

"The first thing to do is to figure out your pain points. Do not think too hard, just make a quick list of what you struggle with in your marketing."

Jane: I don’t. I don’t touch it at all and I should because I know it’s the main door to my business.

Me: Uh huh. How about we empower you instead of making you feel like the victim of your marketing?

We continued the conversation from there about ways to empower herself in marketing. For example, finding a new marketing company/person that she actually likes and will engage with on a regular basis. I watched her blossom as she realized she could be empowered to improve her business instead of having this dark cloud hanging overhead.


If you are finding yourself in the same position as Jane—a victim to your marketing—then it is time to power up! Marketing is like any other aspect of business. It takes work and knowledge, but it shouldn’t be akin to a root canal.

Here is a short list of warning signs that could indicate you are heading toward victim status versus empowerment:

  • Avoiding your marketing provider
  • Making marketing a last priority
  • Shying away from learning about new marketing practices and developments
  • Making justifications of why your 10-year-old website is “just fine” instead of updating
  • When attending conferences, not engaging in a session on improving your marketing plan

It is time to look yourself in the mirror and choose empowerment over victimization. The first thing to do is to figure out your pain points. Do not think too hard, just make a quick list of what you struggle with in your marketing. If, after creating this list, you cannot find easy solutions, then it is time to talk to your marketing person. Most likely, the internet has become too complicated and overwhelming for your skill set and it is time to bring in an expert. That is where Beyond Indigo, or another provider, can step in to improve your business marketing solutions. Contact an expert and discuss your pain points. A solid, respectable marketing specialist should be able to listen and give you a road map out of your desert of pain.

Want help focusing your marketing program for 2020? We make it easy with simple marketing plans that keep your marketing car on the road. Marketing done right matters greatly. Our results are the proof in the pudding with high click-through-rates and tails streaming through doors. Give us a call or stop by and see us at VMX and WVC. Beyond Indigo has been conducting internet marketing for 22 years. Our CEO and COO have each been working in marketing online for 24 years. We focus on results first and discuss costs second. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the changing online environment, such as ADA compliance. Plus, we are Google Ads Partners, and we know how to build Google mobile-friendly and fast websites. Call 877.244.9322, ext. 100, or go to

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