Pesticide Formulations: Water vs Oil and Powder vs Granules

By MWI Technical Services

Pesticide active ingredients are rarely used in their pure form. The technical grade active ingredient must be processed into a formulation. These formulations are a usable form for end users with instructions on how they should be mixed and applied. The purpose of the formulation is to improve storage, handling, application, effectiveness and safety. Pesticides can be formulated as ready-to-use by the general public or as a commercial  preparation that requires a final dilution before application. There are many formulations for various pesticides but the  most common formulations used in agriculture, home and garden, and structural pest control are sprays, granules, fumigants and baits. Products that are intended to be applied as sprays can come in a variety of formulations. This article will focus on oil versus water-based formulations and powders versus granular formulations.

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