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Salting the Pad for Bacterial Pathogen Reduction: This Protocol May Have a Small Impact, But Is It Enough to Make a Difference?

By Scott McKenzie

Mark Twain was purported to have said, “There’s nothing wrong with feeling strongly about something…as long as you don’t confuse that with thinking.” That seems to surmise a great deal of what is now being done in the poultry industry based on processes and products used in bygone years. For example, adding a gallon or so of cresylic acid to the pad or litter to “make it smell like it did when my grandpa put down creosote,” or adding diesel to the pad to “kill just about everything,” or adding salt to the pad to…kill just about…what?

About The Author

Scott McKenzie

Ph. D. Toxicology, B.S. Animal Science, B.S. Biomedical Science
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