Reduce the risk of infection: Use antibacterial suture

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Using antibacterial (Plus) sutures are a great alternative for high-risk patients or procedures where bacteria is a concern.
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Why should you use antibacterial suture?

The prevention of Surgical Site Infections (SSI) has an ever-growing importance as infections continue to pose a major complication in surgery. Bacteria has been shown to enter the wound around sutures through capillary action and cause chronic infections. 

Recent guidance from the World Health Organization has stated that the use of antibacterial suture has a positive impact on the prevention of surgical site infections. The inhibition of bacteria growth has been shown to reduce the migration of bacteria into the surgical site [Figure 1].

Various bacteria may contaminate not only the tissue in a surgical wound, but the suture material. Staphylococcus is a common skin flora and is often associated with surgical site infections. Riverpoint Medical performed a study on the efficacy of the antibacterial (Plus) suture in the guinea pig model.

Suture material coated with chlorhexidine was compared to standard suture. Subcutaneous implantation of the suture material with 0.5ml of the Staphylococcus inoculum was placed in each study animal. At the 48hr time point, the suture material was explanted and the viable organism per implant site was determined by a plate count. 

Results of the study† showed that the antibacterial suture demonstrated a 92.9 percent reduction in the number of recovered bacteria in comparison to the standard suture material. This animal study supports that the Plus suture has a sufficient antibacterial effect to support prevention of surgical site infections.

Securos Surgical’s antibacterial sutures have been designed to meet this growing clinical need. The suture material is coated with the antibacterial agent, chlorhexidine diacetate, which has shown efficacy in preventing bacterial colonization around the surgical site sutures against bacterial such as Staphylococcus aureusStaphylococcus epidermidis, MRSA, and MRSE in outside laboratory studies.

The Securos Plus sutures provide the same handling and performance of standard suture products with the added benefit of antibacterial protections. Antibacterial sutures are recommended for consideration as part of your institute’s comprehensive, evidence-based approach to reducing surgical site infections. 

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†Test data on file at Riverpoint Medical
Article by Mark Wellnitz, Damian Barron and Marshall Leathers of Riverpoint Medical and Kelly Nix, Product Manager – Suture, MicroAire®, & Education for Securos Surgical

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