Rabies Tags

Currently Recommended Tags

The National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV) recommend the yearly rotation of colors and styles of rabies tags for easier identification from year to year. The buttons below will allow you to order the currently recommended tag, available as either an Original or Smart Tag.

2020 Recommended Tag: Heart

To order a tag other than the currently recommended NASPHV tag, please select from the complete list of available tags below.

  • Heart (Options: Red Regular, Red Mini, Stainless Steel, Smart Tag)
  • Bell (2019 shape) (Options: Green Regular, Green Mini, Stainless Steel, Smart Tag)
  • Oval (Options: Orange Regular, Orange Mini, Stainless Steel, Smart Tag)
  • Diamond (Options: Stainless Steel)
  • Square (Options: Stainless Steel)
  • Circle (Options: Stainless Steel)
  • Rosette (Options: Blue Regular, Blue Mini, Stainless Steel, Smart Tag)
  • Fire Plug (Options Orange Regular, Orange Mini)
  • Octagon (Options: Stainless Steel)
  • Texas (Options: Aluminum, Stainless Steel)