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Take advantage of your Section 179 tax deduction by partnering with us and getting custom financing on your year-end big ticket purchases.

Partner with us to get your custom-crafted financing plan

Section 179 Tax Code Qualified SealTaking the Section 179 deduction on financed equipment might be the most profitable business decision you make this year, and our team has the expertise to help you with your purchase and tailor the perfect financing plan for you to get the most out of your deduction.

Advantages of leasing and financing

The obvious advantage to leasing or financing equipment and/or software and then taking the Section 179 deduction is the fact that you can deduct the full amount of the equipment and/or software, without paying the full amount this year. The amount you save in taxes can actually exceed the payments, making this a very bottom-line friendly deduction (you are reading this correctly; in many cases, the tax savings from the deduction will make your bank account larger than if you never financed the equipment in the first place.)

Helpful Resources

How to take full advantage of Section 179

What is the Section 179 deduction?

Most people think the Section 179 deduction is some mysterious or complicated tax code. It really isn’t, and we want to help you get the most out of it.

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How much money can Section 179 save you?

The Section 179 deduction has a real impact on your equipment costs. Here’s an easy-to-use calculator that will help you estimate your tax savings.

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Capital Equipment

Matching your needs with the right equipment solution

Purchasing equipment can be a time consuming and complex process. There is a tremendous amount of information to sort through to get to the right decision for your practice. The MWI Equipment Team has extensive knowledge of the equipment products offered to the veterinary market and the process to acquire them. We match your needs to the right equipment solution and can develop a customized financing plan to pay for that equipment. Let us help you avoid common pitfalls and decision remorse.
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Financial Solutions

Partnering with you to make your dreams come true

Whether you're looking to invest in your existing practice or you're considering building and opening a new clinic, we have the right financial solution for you. Let our team of experts recommend the right solution for your specific needs so you can meet the medical and financial goals of your practice.

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Explore our inventory of veterinary capital equipment and let our knowledgeable team assist you in finding the perfect solution to meet the needs of your practice.

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