A digital workflow solution for veterinary practices

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Advancing product security and practice efficiency

Repleni-Trac Vault featuring its touchscreen kiosk, biometric fingerprint scanner, 2D barcode scanner, and secure drug vault

Repleni-Trac Vault

Achieve greater control and compliance by working smarter and safer

The Repleni-Trac Vault stores controlled substances and high value pharmaceuticals, electronically records compliance related data and automates replenishment from MWI.

How does it work?

Veterinary practices should be able to dedicate their time and resources toward their customers — not on the manual processes of inventory management. Repleni-Trac Vault automates inventory monitoring and ordering to meet the individual needs of veterinary practices and all the pets they serve.

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Securely stores DEA controlled drugs and other valuable products

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Digitalizes the controlled drug compliance process already in the practice – low to no disruption

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Automates replenishment of DEA controlled drugs and other valuable products

Key advantages of the Repleni-Trac Vault

  • Generates automated DEA logs
  • Integrates with practice management systems
  • Manages product expiration
  • Minimizes manual data capture and eliminates paper logs
  • Multiple vault sizes to suit any practice
  • Provides dual security for DEA-controlled products
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Ensure compliance with a rapidly accessible and secure drug safe

Provides a rapidly accessible, secure storage location for DEA controlled substances and other high value products. Repleni-Trac Vault’s onboard dual-method authentication systems combines biometric fingerprint and/or PIN code access, so narcotics are stored at the highest possible security level, and access is restricted to assigned individuals.

Designed to fit veterinary practice, the drug vault may be secured to the floor or a wall, or mounted on or beneath a desk, counter or shelf. Since the drug vaults are modular, additional units can be added to expand with the veterinary practice.


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Integrates with veterinary practice management systems

The Repleni-Trac Vault solution seamlessly integrates with most practice management systems so product details can be easily linked with a pet’s name and the date of service.

And since all information is stored electronically, generating reports is a breeze — from a complete DEA log to the detail for an individual pet.


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Perpetual inventory management improves efficiency and accuracy

Repleni-Trac Vault tracks controlled substances and high value pharmaceuticals, automates replenishment and electronically records compliance related data. Veterinary clinics, animal hospitals and surgical centers gain greater efficiencies while improving safety by managing product expiration and minimizing human error.


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Zero footprint kiosk

The standard Repleni-Trac Vault interface includes a small touchscreen kiosk with proprietary software and a 2D barcode scanner which can be mounted directly to the wall or placed on a shelf or in a cabinet.


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FIPS 201 and FBI compliant with dual security for user-specific access

Log into Repleni-Trac Vault using a personalized pin number and/or biometric fingerprint scan. Scan the barcode on each product being added or removed from the controlled drug inventory and record transactions electronically to improve accuracy and reduce paperwork. Dispensing is associated with individual pets to help you comply with regulations and reduce inventory loss.

The Repleni-Trac Vault web portal provides a centralized dashboard for comprehensive oversight of product inventory and usage across one or multiple practice locations.

Customer testimonials

"We have been using Repleni-Trac Vault since 2018 for our drug safe and inventory monitoring and have been really impressed. I recommend anyone looking for an easy system to track who has access to the controlled drugs look at this system. Through the Repleni-Trac Vault system we know when anyone has accessed the controlled safe and what was taken. It has allowed us to be more efficient with staff utilization and workflow, while still being compliant on having controlled medications locked up securely."
– Doctor/Owner of a pair of Companion Animal Clinics in the D/FW Metroplex

How to get Repleni-Trac for your practice

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