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Increasing operational efficiency

Our dedicated territory managers and inside sales representatives offer their expertise on products, technology solutions and management systems to help you maximize the long-term success of your swine or poultry operation. We’re here to help you increase operational effectiveness and ensure the safety of the world’s food supply by managing the health and nutritional needs of your animals.

Ordering online

You run a 24-hour operation, and so do we. That’s why our online store has been designed to guarantee quick and easy ordering and provide the support tools you need to work efficiently, without waiting until the next business day. Features such as Lists—a set of reusable templates that make ordering and inventory management simple—as well as promotional notices and order tracking make quick work of replenishing your stock. Additionally, safety data sheets (SDS) and valuable business management reports are available for download to help with recordkeeping and to ensure the compliance of your operation. 
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Qbud Inventory Management

Our integration with QBud technology allows producers to securely store and restock pharmaceutical products with the push of a button. Products live behind biometric safeguards and are monitored with activated cameras to ensure the safety of your product supply.