Marketing Has Become Complicated

By Distinct Advantage Partner

What Marketing Can You Still Do?

You haven’t lost it. Marketing has become complicated, overwhelming and confusing. Carrying out a quick search for marketing trends for 2019 illustrates where the digital marketplace has grown to today. Employees at a hospital would have to go back to school to learn how to utilize some of these trends.

For example:

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) – Google is the most visible in this trend, by using Google Assistant to call businesses to make reservations. Now, on the Google My Business page, a practice can choose to receive these calls.
  • Smart speakers – Think “Hey, Alexa” or “Hey, Google” to understand this trend.
  • Integration of platforms – Social media, websites, Google and mobile are all a seamless experience these days. It takes multiple skill sets to manage them all at once.
  • Micro influencers – Huh? If you have a teenager in the home, you have probably seen some of the Video Bloggers (Vloggers) who are filming their everyday life. They promote brands that they love.

What can a hospital do to drive tails through the door?

Besides putting your head in your hands, what can a veterinary hospital do to still market its business itself? First, be realistic about what can be done in-house and what now should be moved to a marketing agency. Trying to tackle digital marketing that is out of an employee’s skill set will lead to frustration and poor results. Think about working with an agency for Facebook and Google Ads, for an overall marketing plan, search engine optimization, websites, and local search promotion.

What should still be managed in the hospital is what the staff does best—connecting with clients. Here are some suggestions:

  • Post on social media. The hospital has the animals walking, slithering or hopping through the door on a day-to-day basis. Take photos of the patients (with the pet parent’s consent) and post on Social Media, which is quick and easy. Add a personalized note and let the human client know it’s there, and your job is done. Make sure to share the photo with the pet parent and others to help increase engagement. Try to post at least three times a week. This frees up your marketing agency’s time to focus on the complicated aspects of Social Media.
  • Ask for reviews. Your clients know you best and trust you. You know your clients. Many people are thrilled to be asked to write a review for a business. It means you are a valued customer when asked. Reviews are the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to improve a business’s  viability on the internet. Make a goal to receive X number of reviews per week. Make sure to have reviews posted on the Google My Business Area, Social Media and Yelp (if located in a Yelp-popular area).
  • Google My Business (GMB). Local search is the fastest growing area of search because humans are demanding it on mobile devices. Google has consolidated many of its platforms into the Google My Business area located at In this area, current and future pet owners can ask questions, leave reviews and find a plethora of information about a business. In fact, many times, a person receives all the information he or she needs and no longer clicks through to a website. Make sure a person in the practice is on the email list to receive notifications when a review is placed or a question is asked. Quick response is the key. Also, making sure the information is correct is vital because Google mines this area for its maps and contact information. 
  • Get involved, be visible. A local business needs to be engaged locally—in person. There are many opportunities to be involved and to interact with your community. By doing so, this is a fantastic chance to ferret out the micro-influencers who can sway people to your business. Scout around for places to put up a table and to promote your brand. Many youth associations are looking for businesses for their vendor area during meets and events. Join the local clubs in town to mix and mingle. Does your city have a parade? Think about being part of it this year. People trust who they know and it is reinforced by what they see online.
  • Update your website. Who knows your business best? You do. Be an active participant in your business’s website. Mark the calendar or set a reminder to check the website each quarter. Is all the information up to date? Has a new service been added or removed? Did you learn something while being involved with the community that, if included in the website, would enhance it? A marketing agency will never know your business has evolved and grown unless you tell them.
  • Create some video. People do loooove their videos. Today, creating videos has been made easy with the advent of mobile phones. Photo and video quality on these devices has surpassed the handhelds of old. Content ideas for videos could be how-to’s, funny cat videos from the hospital cats, or videos from patients who have come in for the day. A Facebook promotion could be to run a funny pet video contest. Multiple videos could be promoted on the hospital’s YouTube site, social media and even the practice’s website.

"Today, creating videos has been made easy with the advent of mobile phones. Photo and video quality on these devices has surpassed the handhelds of old."

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