Is Your Website a Senior?

By Distinct Advantage Partner

While I sat in my veterinarian’s waiting room with my Golden doodle, a dog aging chart on the wall caught my eye. Immediately, I thought (after checking if my dog is a senior—he isn’t), the same applies to websites!

A strange myth permeates the veterinary culture that a website is a “one and done” event. When people discuss building a new website, it tends to be accompanied by scrunched-up, pained-looking faces. The reality is websites age even faster than dogs and become “senior.” Another analogy to apply in this situation is cars. Think back to the very first car that you drove. I’ll bet that you are not still driving that car if you are over the age of 22! Cars age. The technology under the hood becomes outdated and worn out. Eventually, cars need to be replaced. 

Websites age because of how humans use technology and how Google and Facebook adapt to meet this usage. It is a never-ending circle. A four-year-old website is probably outdated. After four years, at least 8,000 updates have been done on Google coding. Senior websites just can’t adapt to that many changes. Instead, a new one has to be built with the current rules and stipulations that Google requires in order to be found on the front page or a mobile device. A newer website will have an easier time with search engine optimization (SEO) placement and usability. Potential customers make judgment calls based on perception. If your website looks old, they will wonder if your business is outdated too. 

What to do?

First and foremost, be in the mindset that websites age. This means that they need to be replaced, and that will require some time and money. Really, this is the most difficult hurdle to overcome when keeping up with a well-maintained website. If you are dreading the process, resent it, think it is confusing—then it will be painful. The next step is to be mindful of how old your website is in dog years. Be realistic of what it can and cannot do. If Google makes a major change and your website is four years old, your website might not adapt well to that new change because it is the equivalent of a senior-age dog. 

Next, work with your marketing provider to keep tabs on how well your website is performing. If Search Engine Optimization work is being done on a monthly basis on the website, then it might have a few more years in it before it has to be replaced. Reports generated by your marketing provider will start to show slippage with Google and customers. Be open-minded that when this happens it is time to start looking at a fresh, brand new website with clean coding under the “hood.” And, last, make the process fun, just like buying a new phone or car can be. You get to make what you want from the experience.

We have seen a multitude of changes occur with website design and coding since 1997. Beyond Indigo has been conducting internet marketing for 21 years. Our CEO and COO have each been working in marketing online for 23 years. Our team knows the old and the new, as well as how to generate revenue and tails through the door. We focus on results first and discuss costs second. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the changing online environment, such as ADA compliance. Plus, we are Google Ads Partners, and we know how to build Google mobile-friendly and fast websites. Need help creating a marketing plan? Call 877.244.9322, ext. 100, or go to

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