COVID-19 Technology Solutions

Helping Your Business Through COVID-19 Disruptions

Working together is the only way we beat a pandemic. You should expect us to be here for you in ways that matter to your business’ everyday health. In today’s environment that includes providing you with tech-powered solutions to real challenges practices are facing in a time of social distancing, shelter-in-place orders and limited staff capacity. These services are relevant all the time, but the current environment really highlights their utility and value. The time to act is now, and that’s never been easier.

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Hold Virtual Visits with Pet Owners

ALLYDVM’s Two-Way Texting feature enables safe, effective communication between you and your clients.

Maintain Pet Health Continuity

Even though we are social distancing, fleas and ticks are not. Don’t let pets head into spring unprotected. Take the task of sending reminders off of your staff and put ALLYDVM to work instead.

Now Offering FREE Two-Way Texting

Since early March, in response to the emerging COVID-19 crisis, we have been offering the Two-Way Texting capabilities for FREE through June 30, 2020 — for both new and existing ALLYDVM users.

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Facilitate Telehealth and Remote Monitoring

Provide veterinary care to your clients via a telehealth service that offers clinics and pet owners the benefits of AI-driven algorithmic teletriage, remote monitoring, and online consultations.

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Digital Check-In for Curbside Operations

Keep clients out of waiting rooms and have them check-in from their own mobile device. Pawprint provides you with your patient’s complete medical history and customized, digitally signed forms.

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*For enrollments through May 31, 2020

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Deliver the Best Possible Care Through Preventative Health Care Plans

Provide a simple, affordable preventative health care plan to help your clients meet their pets' essential healthcare needs. 

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Offer Hands-Free Payment Plans for Curbside Service

Keep your clients safe, staff secure, and business running smoothly by offering a simpler financing option for pet parents.

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Deliver Products to Your Clients’ Homes

Provides home delivery of the products you prescribe and recommend. Scripts are fulfilled with an easy-to-use e-Prescribing tool and clients receive free shipping on most orders.

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Contact your representative with questions about these resources or to discuss any other ways we may be of assistance.