Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updates, tools and resources to help you and your business through the Coronavirus pandemic

Ordering, Deliveries, Inventory and Business Continuity Information

Working Together Through COVID-19


At MWI, our business continuity plans are working. We are safeguarding our associates so that they can remain healthy for themselves and their families, and so that they can continue performing their role in keeping our supply chain moving. Our distribution centers are experiencing much higher-than-average order volumes, and we are responding. To further assist us as we work through high order volumes, there are a few things you can do as well:

  1. Submit orders as early as possible: Submitting your orders early in the day will allow us to start preparing orders earlier and help minimize staffing disruptions.
  2. Submit orders in one purchase order: Submitting orders in one purchase order can lessen the impact on distribution center operations, ensuring more timely deliveries.
  3. Consider critical purchases when submitting orders: We understand that you need to be prepared, but we ask that you consider ordering strategically--not just more items.
PPE and Sanitation Products

As many items are in short supply due to COVID-19, we have created easy access to viewing all Sanitation and Personal Protection products. Login to your account to view these items and use the filters along the left side of the page to further narrow your search. 


MWI and the larger AmerisourceBergen sourcing teams are closely monitoring the supply chain for potential impacts to ensure we can support pets and livestock in need of treatment.
  • We will continue to use our fair share allocation program, which creates safeguards on products in high demand to ensure stable availability. Regardless of an item’s allocations status, customers are still subject to our order monitoring program for controlled substances.
  • In terms of the global pharmaceutical supply chain, we continue to proactively solicit and monitor updates from manufacturers.

Business Continuity for AmerisourceBergen Distribution Centers

In the event of a major business disruption, AmerisourceBergen’s business continuity plans help us to continue to operate critical business functions, such as processing customer orders, maintaining regulatory compliance and distributing goods and supplies to our customers.

Sanitation and Cleanliness: Our distribution centers are taking extra measures for cleanliness given the volume of products that are processed through each facility daily. As well, all office-based and sales associates are moving to remote work as we do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Order fulfillment: MWI has 13 wholesale distribution centers across the United States as well as 7 livestock pharmacies and 8 depots. Together, these facilities work to support one another in case of emergency. We have the ability to transfer orders from one servicing distribution center to another automatically. And, to supplement larger than normal order volumes, we have the ability to have associates from MWI’s network, as well as associates from AmerisourceBergen’s larger distribution network, travel to nearby locations to support their fellow teams.

Financial Relief for Animal Healthcare Providers

We recognize the financial risk and economic uncertainty our customers are experiencing and share this information as a high-level overview of provisions your business may benefit from under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act signed into law March 27, 2020.
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Serving Your Clients

Technology Solutions to Help Your Business Through COVID-19 Disruptions

We will always be here for you in the ways that matter most to your business’ everyday health. In today’s environment that includes providing you with tech-powered solutions to real challenges practices are facing in a time of social distancing, shelter-in-place orders and limited staff capacity. These services are relevant all the time, but the current environment really highlights their utility and value. The time to act is now, and that’s never been easier.
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