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Messenger Focus

Companion Animal Fall 2021

Messenger Focus is our seasonally distributed publication, which is narrowly focused on industry-specific themes and serves as a valuable resource for your practice to reference throughout the year.

In this issue:

  • Finishing 2021 strong
  • Less stress in 2022
  • Clinic preparedness
  • Aging well
  • Seasonal marketing

Latest Insights

Veterinary client meeting


Holding a client educational meeting? Consider these tips for success

Jerry Rusch, DVM
MWI Animal Health
October 2021

Woman opens package as dog looks on


How can a veterinary home delivery program help with client retention?

MWI Animal Health
MWI Animal Health
October 2021

New vet tech in training


Share the work: The case for adding a veterinary technician

MWI Animal Health
MWI Animal Health
October 2021


What new workflows and solutions have you implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic that you plan on keeping long-term?

As a result of the pandemic, many practices have created new workflows and leveraged new technologies or solutions to provide care or engage with customers in different ways.

Answer our one-question poll below to let us know what solutions you plan on keeping.

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Do you know how you can increase pet owner compliance?

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Answer the 11 questions below to get your compliance score.

Veterinarian giving medical advice to client about her dog

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