MWI Easy Care Program

Closing the 66% compliance gap

The MWI Easy Care Program combines the simplicity of an easy to administer preventive care plan and automated marketing campaigns to create a fully customized pet care plan solution to help increase client compliance in your practice.
Veterinarian having a check-out conversation with his client while she holds her dog

Pet owners purchase an average of 33.67% of the recommended flea, tick, and heartworm preventative products when not enrolled on a preventive care plan.

– Premier Vet Alliance (January 2021)

Why leverage the Easy Care Program

Adding benefits, not burden

The MWI Easy Care Program is designed to help close the gap between your medical recommendations and client compliance with fully customizable plans that are affordable and easy to market and administer, creating better health outcomes for your patients and increased revenue for your practice.

MWI’s Easy Care Program helps make offering preventive care plans as easy as...


Customized pet care plan includes the products and services you recommend and makes it affordable for your clients.

Helping to increase compliance, strengthen the client bond to your practice, and lower the barrier of access to care for your pet owners


Automated plan administration, including payment management.

Relieving the burden from you and your staff


Automated digital marketing campaigns to help drive awareness and promote your plan to your clients.

Helping them to say YES to preventive health care AND proactively recapturing lost parasiticide revenue and increasing client spend and compliance

What your peers are seeing as a result of implementing preventive care plans


Increase in visits from pet owners on a pet care plan


Average total increase in client spend


Average total increase in client spend derived from non-plan purchases

All data based on Premier Vet Alliance internal data comparing January 31, 2021 versus January 31, 2020 for those clinics offering plans.

Wellness exams bring in up to 30% of the revenue at small veterinary practices.

– AVMA’s “2020 Economic State of the Veterinary Profession” report

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Let's get started

Your MWI sales representative will help you on your journey to closing the 66% gap. We will work with you to:


Setup a demo with Premier Vet Alliance who administers the plan for you behind the scenes. A specialist will then help design and customize your plan for your practice.


Enroll for marketing campaigns, powered by AllyDVM, by using the referral code 'easy care' in the AllyDVM enrollment portal.


Our team will provide ongoing support for you and your entire team with onboarding training, resources and more.

“Many pet owners, especially millennials — who now make up the largest cohort of pet owners — are willing to make long-term commitment to what matters most to them… those commitments include wellness plans for their fur babies.”

– Jeff Rothstein, DVM, MBA, founder, and co-president of Mission Veterinary Partners, “Why you should say “yes” to wellness plans,”, March 29, 2021.

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